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Mes Que

1420 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY
(716) 836-8800
  • One of the most perfect sports bars in the buffalo area
  • Our New York party bus customers adore this place
  • Many say it's an awesome part of the hertel strip
  • A wonderful blend of restaurant and sports bar
  • Awesome spot to watch soccer as it's always on tv
  • We highly recommend the chorizo, beans, and rice
  • The goat cheese pizza is just to die for, so yummy and flavorful
  • We're also big fans of their cheese plate for an awesome starter
  • Nice hours too, til 10 on Sunday and 11 every other night of the week
  • Best nights to come in are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays


1104 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY
(716) 886-1449
  • An absolutely ideal bar and gastropub in the buffalo area
  • Our New York party bus customers are always asking to go there
  • They offer a lot of local craft brews that we know you'll really enjoy
  • They keep the restaurant side separate from the bar side
  • Which means that you'll be able to choose your ambiance easily
  • One of our favorite things on the menu is the French toast! so good
  • The French onion soup is absolutely delicious here, melty cheese.
  • The burgers are juicy and generously sized too, highly recommended
  • Wonderful hours! open 24 hrs Tue-Fri, til midnight on Saturday
  • Best times to come in are definitely late night and dinner

Founding Fathers Pub

75 Edward St, Buffalo, NY
(716) 855-8944
  • You just won't find a better pub vibe in buffalo than this
  • Founding fathers pub is a true New York party bus favorite
  • We are hooked on their portobello mushroom burger, so delish!
  • Their buffalo chicken sandwiches are also to die for
  • The tortellini salad is something that you simply must try
  • Did we mention that they offer free nachos and popcorn?
  • If you're looking for your own personal "cheers" - look no further!
  • Also try the chicken cordon bleu and the bbq chicken bleu
  • Late night is the best time to stop in and enjoy yourself here
  • Open til 11 sun, 1 Mon-Thu, 2 Fri, and 4 Sat

Anchor Bar

1047 Main St, Buffalo, NY
(716) 886-8920
  • Anchor bar is known for their chicken wings and that's why we go!
  • Our New York party bus customers say they go for the wings too
  • They're super juicy and yummy with plenty of dip and celery
  • They also have mini tacos that are quite enjoyable
  • There's a full bar here of course and the drinks are good 'n strong
  • The best nights to come in are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • There's more than enough room for party bus groups here
  • Lunch and dinner are ideal times to stop in for the wings
  • There's TV here for the sports lovers and music for the rest
  • A little pricier than the chain wing places but worth it!

Century Grill

320 Pearl St, Buffalo, NY
(716) 853-6322
  • Century grill has served New York party bus well over the years
  • The sports bar vibe here is just absolutely wonderful, so classic
  • Lots of hyatt dwellers pop in because it's so convenient for them
  • The Elvis sundae is a must-have for dessert, great for sharing
  • The free tater tots on Fridays and free bacon on Saturdays! love it
  • The beef on weck is an absolute top choice for us
  • The buffalo chicken sandwich is another nice choice
  • We go wild for the grilled chicken and fried bologna too
  • Monday trivia nights are always a blast, always fun for groups
  • Don't miss the loaded tater tots! oh, my! so yummy!

Amy's Place

3234 Main St, Buffalo, NY
(716) 842-0600
  • Our favorite restaurant in the area is Amy's PLace
  • This vegetarian diner has some of the best food in town
  • The veggie wet shoes is the most amazing dish ever
  • They have the best curly fries, always fresh and hot
  • Tons of wraps and sandwiches to pick from, each yummy
  • We love the Hummus sandwich and their breakfast is to die for
  • Friendly service and a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere
  • Amy's Place is cash only, but there's an ATM available.
  • No alcohol so it's good for dinner before you start your night out
  • Open every day of the week from 7am - 9pm

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