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Woodhouse Stadium Grill

102 Columbia St, Corning, NY
(607) 936-9632
  • If burgers and chicken wings are your thing, try this spot!
  • New York party bus partygoers love the vibe here
  • The wood accents throughout are absolutely beautiful
  • We're big fans of their generously sized wraps, so tasty and filling
  • Watching the game is lots of fun here for the sports fans
  • Lunch is an awesome time to come in and enjoy a burger
  • The sweet potato fries are great and so are the hand cut fries
  • The pulled pork sandwiches are very delicious, piled high
  • Even the chicken tenders are delicious, albeit simple
  • Tourists and locals alike absolutely adore it here

The Cellar

21 W Market St, Corning, NY
(607) 377-5552
  • This is a tapas bar and wine bar that New York party bus loves
  • The corning area has a real gem in this place, just superb in every way
  • The bartenders are awesome here, really know what they're doing
  • Very friendly staff, happy to chat or help you choose something
  • The fried risotto and mozzarella will drive you wild with flavor
  • Try the fish tacos if you are a seafood lover, you won't regret it
  • The paella is also a very nice dish that is wonderful for sharing
  • Party bus groups love to start off with a nice cheese plate or bruschetta
  • Their martinis are wonderful especially when they are on special!
  • Their wine selection is beyond impressive and just so delicious

Holmes Plate

54 W. Market St, Corning, NY
(607) 377-5500
  • If you love barbecue, check out holmes plate in corning
  • Our New York party bus customers love coming in for bbq faves
  • Lunch is absolutely ideal, especially on the weekends when it's lively
  • The bar area is kept separate from the dining area, which we like
  • The crab cake sandwiches are absolutely amazing here
  • The chicken wings are fantastic whether you choose mild or hot
  • The chef salad with chicken is a very smart choice for you
  • Steak sandwiches, too, are too superb to be overlooked!
  • Let's not forget to mention the sweet potato fries, so good!
  • Open until 1 every single night, great for late night partiers!

Effin Texas Bar & Grill

69 E Market St, Corning, NY
(607) 962-6996
  • Another one of New York party bus's barbecue favorites in corning
  • The market street area is really made so much brighter by this gem
  • The environment is gorgeous, decorated so nicely, and so cozy too
  • The food that they offer here is a cut above the rest, very high quality
  • The pulled pork & ribs is a great choice that we'd highly recommend
  • Can't get enough of the mac and cheese here, so creamy and delicious
  • We're also huge fans of the sweet potato waffle fries, yum yum yum!
  • The onion rings are also really delicious and we recommend them!
  • Closed Sunday thru Tuesday and open until 9pm the other nights
  • Note that they close down between lunch and dinner, be aware!

Old World Cafe & Ice Cream

1 West Market Street, Corning, NY
(607) 936-1953
  • If ice cream and frozen yogurt are your bag, you must visit this one!
  • The old fashioned vibe is incredible with a long wooden bar
  • The ice cream and candy is the focus in the front of the establishment
  • The sandwiches, paninis, salads, etc., are available toward the back
  • Our favorite thing is the shrimp salad on a tomato wrap, so yummy!
  • The chicken bruschetta sandwich is also delish, recommended
  • This place is always busy, call ahead for groups or expect a wait
  • No alcohol but great non-alcoholic beverages for you to choose

Volo Bar & Lounge

74 E Market St, Corning, NY
  • A great bar to get a drink and relax, no matter what you're craving
  • Plenty of beer available, both craft and domestic
  • The cocktail selection is amazing, with plenty of amazing concoctions
  • The atmosphere is comfortable and perfect for relaxing
  • A casual night life experience, right in Corning
  • Finger foods and snacks are readily available for your enjoyment
  • The service is exceptionally friendly at VOLO bar

Zip codes: 14831, 14830

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