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Jenna's 4th Street Cafe

110 E 4th St, Dunkirk, NY
  • Jenna's 4th Street Cafe is a great, home style establishment where you can go and enjoy a delicious meal.
  • The wait staff at Jenna's 4th Street Cafe is always extremely friendly and attentive. You will always feel welcome.
  • They have a great variety of breakfast and lunch American cuisine items.
  • We strongly recommend the local favorite, the sausage gravy and biscuits. It is so incredible with thick gravy sauce and fluffy biscuits.
  • This place is always bustling full of fun, interesting people so you will always be sure to have a fun time!
  • It is located nearby the Lake Erie State Park, so this is a great place to stop after a long night of camping.
  • The Sausage and Peppers burrito with a side of their crisp hash browns are also always a great idea.

Wing City Grille

10450 Bennett Rd, Fredonia, NY
  • Wing City Grille is a wonderful place to go when you are looking to enjoy a great sports bar experience that is both lively and friendly.
  • They feature a very diverse menu so you can be sure that you will be able to find something that you like.
  • This casual dining restaurant features a large variety of wings and over 28 sauces for you to choose from.
  • They offer a great amount of gluten free options so you can head in there when you have special dietary needs.
  • Daily food and drink specials so it's always fun to head in there and see what's on the board!
  • Over 27 flat screen TVs, so that you will never be missing a game.
  • Whether you are looking to enjoy lunch, dinner, or happy hour, you will be able to enjoy your experience.
  • College Students get 10% off of all food purchases with a valid student ID.

El Azteca

3953 Vineyard Dr, Dunkirk, NY
  • Many consider El Azteca Mexican Restaurant and Cantina to be the absolute best place to grab authentic Mexican food in the Dunkirk area.
  • All of their meals are fresh and made with incredible ingredients that will certainly leave your mouths watering.
  • We strongly recommend their amazing fajitas, their tender and juicy Mexican steaks, the fresh seafood, and much more.
  • Their famous margaritas are expertly crafted and will always be worth indulging in.
  • This is an excellent place to host a party or private event,a st hey have banquet facilities exactly for that reason.
  • This is a great place to stop on the weekend to indulge in some appetizers, grab some drinks, & watch your favorite sports team go at it!

Lakeshore Grillworks

436 E Lake Shore Dr, Dunkirk, NY
  • Lakeshore Grillworks is a great place to go for all sorts of occasions, making it a highly versatile location to grab a meal.
  • They are particularly well known for their wide variety of ice cream flavors and sundaes. This is definitely a favorite local ice cream parlor.
  • This is one of those amazing roadside shack places where you can grab ice cream, burgers, dogs, barbecue, and more.
  • Their creative mind for the sundaes is unparalleled. You will have a hard time finding a place that has more unique flavors and styles.
  • They provide very large portions that are incredible for the prices that they offer.
  • You will love the decor and atmosphere here, with plenty of outdoor seating and a charming assortment of flowers.


10370 Bennet Road, Fredonia, NY
  • Yokoso is an incredible restaurant to go and grab some delicious Japanese food that you will be sure to love.
  • The interior is absolutely gorgeous, their atmosphere is always simply charming and welcoming.
  • The food is absolutely incredible in every way, whether you want to sit at a booth or enjoy a dish from the hibachi grill.
  • The sushi is always fresh and simply incredible. They use all fresh ingredients in their rolls and it really shows.
  • The hibachi is absolutely incredible and it is always a thrill watching the chefs do their thing!
  • The establishment is always incredibly clean and you will be sure that your experience will always be highly enjoyable when you come here.
  • We strongly recommend that you grab the Salmon Family Roll or the Crazy Tuna roll when you come here.

Holy Wong Chinese

166 Bells Plz, Dunkirk, NY
  • If you ask just about anyone in the Dunkirk area what their favorite place to grab some Chinese food is, they will undoubtedly tell you Holy Wong Chinese Take Out.
  • They have all of your traditional Chinese favorites and they get each and every dish just right!
  • They use all fresh ingredients, and have even locally sourced whenever possible.
  • The atmosphere is not going to blow you away, and it's not exactly the place where you're going to want to propose to your significant other, but it is charming nonetheless.
  • We strongly recommend their General Tso's Chicken -- it is sauced perfectly and flavorful and juicy!
  • The dishes are portioned very generously and you can also count on enjoying your meal here.

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