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Beijing Garden

145 W Gray St, Elmira, NY
  • There aren't a whole lot of places to grab Chinese food in the Elmira area, but when you are in the mood for it, Beijing Garden is a fantastic choice.
  • Whether you are looking to get delivery, dine in, or take out, you can always get the best of Chinese at Beijing Garden.
  • They have a great variety of flavors at Beijig Garden, whether you want it spicy or mild, they go to great lengths to customize it to your liking.
  • They have some truly authentic and delicious Chinese meals here, from the General Tao's Chicken to the Shrimp in Lobster Sauce.
  • All of their dishes are generously portioned at extremely reasonable prices. You can't go wrong with a dish here!
  • They have coupons all of the time so be sure to call up to get some information about that!

Bell's Country Coffee

258 E 14th St, Elmira, NY
  • When you want to get your morning off on the right foot or are looking for a pick me up in the middle of the afternoon, Bell's Country Coffee is always a great option.
  • They brew some of the absolute best coffee around and you will be sure to want to head here on a daily basis.
  • They have some incredibly warm customer service -- these are the kind of people that you want to see first thing in the morning.
  • They offer a great variety of their own coffee beans, roasts, and blends for you to choose from.
  • None of their products contain any high fructose corn syrup, so you can be sure that you will be enjoying drinks that are as healthy as possible.
  • They have partnered with local farms and organizations such as Emmy's Organics and Sprague's Maple Farms to ensure that you get to enjoy high quality food and drinks, as well as local purveyors!

Elbow Room

1057 Walnut St, Elmira, NY
  • Many residents and visitors of the Elmira area swear that Elbow Room is by and large one of their favorite things about the area.
  • The people who work at Elbow Room are incredibly friendly and will make you feel welcome right away.
  • This is an excellent local bar where you can go and grab some excellent drinks and amazing bar food.
  • Their wings are absolutely incredible -- they are simply enormous and juicy as well.
  • You don't want to pass up on their burgers either -- they are classic and plump.
  • We strongly recommend their beloved Blue Cheese sauce to accompany your wings, it is hand made and simply delicious.
  • Every time we head here we always have an incredible time -- between the drinks, the food, and the service, it is just a great experience all around.

Vincenzo's Pizzeria

303 N Main St, Elmira, NY
  • Vincenzo's Pizzeria is one of the most absolutely beloved places to grab pizza in all of the Elmira area.
  • They specialize in the New York style slice and they certainly get the style down perfectly.
  • This is a family owned and operated establishment and they always treat the people who come through their doors with a great amount of respect.
  • Their pizza is made to perfection, with hand made sauce, hand rolled dough, and fresh toppings, you can't go wrong!
  • If you're looking for a casual lunch, their hoagies are simply excellent, with fluffy, fresh bread, and delicious sauces to choose from.
  • We strongly recommend their delicious Philly Cheese Steak submarine sandwich which is huge and delicious.
  • You will think you have ventured down to midtown Manhattan when you taste this pizza.

M & M Red Hots

212 Baldwin St, Elmira, NY
  • Located in the heart of Downtown Elmira, M & M Red Hots is a great place to go and grab some excellent burgers and hot dogs.
  • You have not lived until you have tried their amazing meat sauce, which comes on top of their hot dogs. Absolutely delicious!
  • Their hot dogs are boiled and placed inside of a steamed bun, and it is always simply excellent in every way.
  • This restaurant will take you back in time as it has an atmosphere that is very reminiscent of the 20's and 30's style diners.
  • Even people who don't like Hot Dogs simply love the hot dogs at M & M Red Hots. They are seriously that good!
  • This is a great place to go and enjoy a meal with your family, friends, or to just grab a casual lunch on your own!

D-'S Pierogi Place

810 E Church St, Elmira, NY
  • If you want to dig into a great Polish meal then D-'S Pierogi Place is the place to be!
  • This establishment is one part grocery store and one part sit down cafe, so it is a great place to go to get some shopping done and to dig into some great meals.
  • They feature an open kitchen that is a fun experience and an atmosphere that is always charming and nice.
  • The menu is incredibly wide ranging, with vegetarian, sweet, and savory options aplenty.
  • They feature a great daily special where you can grab a kielbasa and four piergois of your choice! What a great deal!
  • The people who work there are always incredibly friendly and helpful. The manager themselves will always be there to make sure you're enjoying your meal.

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