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Red Brick Pub

224 W 1st St S, Fulton, NY
  • A fantastic local pub that is a great place to go whether you are looking to pick up some drinks or dig into some delicious food.
  • This is a family friendly pub and banquet facility that is perfect for all sorts of occasions.
  • Red Brick Pub is conveniently located between Syracuse and Oswego, in the heart of Fulton.
  • They offer free parking so you don't have to worry about driving around finding a good spot to park your car.
  • There's a stage so you can head over there and enjoy a great live music show while enjoying an experience at the Red Brick Pub.
  • Their building is nicely air conditioned so you can be sure that when you head there you will be comfortable and having a great time.
  • Their staff is always incredibly friendly and welcoming as well, so you will always have a smile on your face at Red Brick Pub.

Mama Gina's Pizzeria

101 S 2nd St, Fulton, NY
  • Mama Gina's Pizzeria has been serving flavorful and excellent Mexican-American dishes for nearly three decades in the Fulton area.
  • They are an incredibly popular establishment where many locals and visitors of the area go to enjoy a delicious Italian-American meal.
  • This family owned and operated establishment is well known for the authentic dishes and atmosphere that they provide.
  • You will surely feel right at home when you head there and dig into a meal at their relaxing, welcoming atmosphere.
  • They take great value in the experience that they give their customers, and they will happily interact with everybody.
  • They offer exclusive daily specials that really will save you a buck or two at this excellent restaurant so we strongly recommend you check those out.
  • A great place to visit in your party bus journeys.

Fajita Grill

451 S 2nd St, Fulton, NY
  • When you are looking for a great, authentic Mexican meal in the Fulton area, we strongly recommend that you head to Fajita Grill.
  • Their restaurant is set up like an assembly line style establishment, making you an interactive, active member of the whole process.
  • You get to choose what you want and you watch the whole meal get constructed from scratch, so you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality of service and quality.
  • All of their food is made completely from scratch every single day, ensuring optimum freshness!
  • They guarantee that they don't even own a freezer, so you can be sure that every single thing that you are eating is as fresh as can be.
  • They don't use microwaves, and they do not use lard or animal fat to cook their food. You get the best quality here, every time.

China Garden

352 W First St, Fulton, NY
  • When you want some seriously good Chinese food in the Fulton area then China Garden is the best place to go around.
  • They make sure that all of their ingredients are fresh and delicious, and that all of their dishes are full of flavor.
  • The menu is full of all of your traditional Chinese favorite dishes such as Almond Boneless Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Shrimp in Lobster Sauce, and beyond.
  • The staff is always remarkably friendly as you will be welcomed immediately upon entering into the establishment.
  • Whether you are looking to enjoy a great take out experience or want to enjoy a delivery, China Garden is the place to go.
  • If you are looking to enjoy the best Chinese Food around, then China Garden will definitely not disappoint you.

Mimi's Drive Inn

201 N 2nd St, Fulton, NY
  • Mimi's Drive Inn is an excellent local diner that is always a fantastic experience, no matter what time of the day that you head there.
  • We strongly recommend that you stop in there in the morning for a great breakfast. Whether you want eggs, an omelete, and so on.
  • The service is always extremely prompt, as they will always make sure that your coffee cup is full and that you are having a great time.
  • The dining experience is overall absolutely incredible, as it is old fashioned, clean, and family friendly.
  • They offer a kids' menu so you can bring the little ones without spending too much money when you head there.
  • You will feel right at home when you head to Mimi's Drive Inn for a meal, without a doubt.

Blue Moon Grill

122 Cayuga St, Fulton, NY
  • Blue Moon Grill is an absolutely unbelievably great hidden gem in the Fulton area that was started by some good friends who wanted to provide the community with a great dining experience.
  • You will be able to taste this team's passion for food with every single bite of your dish.
  • Their menu features aged and hand cut choice beef, fresh seafood, veal, poultry, and pasta dishes.
  • You will be able to find something that you like no matter what your tastes might be.
  • Whether you want to head there for lunch, dinner, or cocktails at their excellent bar, you will always have a great experience.
  • You can be sure that you will always experience a high quality dining experience when you head to Blue Moon Grill.

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