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Ristorante Da Claudio

51 Cedar Swamp Rd, Glen Cove, NY
  • Ristorante Da Claudio is a simply excellent experience every single time where you can go for all sorts of different occasions.
  • They have a beautiful dining room that is designed for all of the people who have a genuine love for gourmet cuisine and elegant dining experiences.
  • This family owned and operated Establishment was founded by a father and son team that you can truly appreciate.
  • Whether you want to go and enjoy a nice, romantic Meal, or want to host a special occasion such as a birthday party or a Wedding recital, Ristorante Da Claudio is the place to go.
  • The atmosphere is always absolutely incredible, with its amazing decoration and fancy, yet homey vibe.
  • We strongly recommend that you grab either the Chicken Marsala or the Chicken Francese when you head there.
  • Do not leave without grabbing a delicious and decadent dessert.

Sopah Thai Kitchen

11 Cedar Swamp Rd, Glen Cove, NY
  • When you are looking for some of the absolute best Thai food around, then Sopah Thai Kitchen is definitely the place for you to go to.
  • This is a great place to go whether you are looking to sit down and enjoy a lunch or dinner with your friends or family, or if you are looking to grab a take out meal!
  • This environment is always a simply amazing experience with a cozy vibe and staff that are always attentive and friendly.
  • Every thing that you get from Sopah Thai Kitchen is simply delicious -- we strongly suggest that you grab the Drunken Noodle or the Pad Thai Curry!
  • They feature a great lunch special for you to enjoy which includes an entree dish, a spring roll, a drink, and your choice of soup or salad!
  • All of their food is really affordable and generously portioned so you will be sure to be leaving with leftovers.
  • Their quiet atmosphere and free wifi makes Sopah Thai Kitchen an excellent study spot!

Puerto Vallarta

48 Cedar Swamp Rd, Glen Cove, NY
  • Puerto Vallarta is a great establishment where you can go and grab some of the best, most authentic Mexican food around.
  • This family owned and operated establishment has been a great gem in the Glen Cove area for a long period of time.
  • The people who started Puerto Vallarta have a long spanning Mexican lineage and they draw from this heritage to create some incredible dishes that you can really enjoy.
  • They have all of your favorite, traditional Mexican dishes such as tacos, quesadillas, tortas, fajitas, and much more.
  • We strongly recommend that you grab one of their excellent, flavorful hand crafted cocktails that they have painstakingly created.
  • Their atmosphere is always excellent and warm, with servers who always treat each and every person with a great amount of respect.

American Cafe

5 School St, Glen Cove, NY
  • Many people in the Glen Cove area consider American Cafe to be their absolutely favorite place to grab a meal in the whole area.
  • They are well known for their fresh meals and their incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere that is always incredible.
  • Whether you want a juicy burger, chicken fingers, corn chowder, crisp salads, delicious salmon, wraps, hand cut fries, or anything in between, American Cafe has got it!
  • This is a great place for you to go and enjoy an experience with your family, friends, or to just enjoy a meal on your own.
  • The people who work here really know what they are doing, and they clearly have a passion for what they do.
  • The food is all of the highest possible quality, and the overall experience will simply blow you away when you head to American Cafe.

Asian Fusion

66 School St, Glen Cove, NY
  • Asian Fusion is a simply incredible place to grab some amazing Asian food in the beautiful Downtown Glen Cove area.
  • They feature a great assortment of Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, Udon soups, and beyond here at Asian Fusion.
  • The Sushi here is simply to die for, whether you want to grab a Crab Meat Tempura, a Yellow Tail Roll, or their specialty Red Hot Roll, you will be sure to love it.
  • This environment is always incredibly friendly and clean, with a charming decor, and clean bathrooms!
  • When you want to enjoy a great vegetarian meal, Asian Fusion has plenty of options for you to enjoy.
  • All of the meals at Asian Fusion are incredibly well priced and generously portioned for you to enjoy.
  • There is plenty of parking at Asian Fusion so even when they are really busy, you will always have an easy time getting in.

The Downtown Cafe

4 School St, Glen Cove, NY
  • The Downtown Cafe is a seriously happening establishment in the Glen Cove area for you to enjoy.
  • Whether you want to go and enjoy a meal outside or sit inside and watch the game, The Downtown Cafe is a great place to go.
  • They also offer delivery when you want to enjoy their amazing food at the comfort of your own home.
  • Their menu has a little bit of everything, from pizza to pasta to salads to wings and so on, The Downtown Cafe is a great place to go.
  • They have been a staple in the Glen Cove area since 2003, and have since expanded to meet and exceed their customers' expectations over and over again.
  • This establishment was started by three very good friends, and each and every experience here has a personal touch and is simply excellent in every way.
  • The Night Life here is a simply excellent experience every single time -- we can't get over how great The Downtown Cafe is!

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