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Hoffman House

94 N Front St, Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 338-2626
  • Located in a wonderful historic district, you can feel all of the great history that this building has been through. Today, this amazing venue serves up continental fare including steaks, fresh seafood, pasta specialties, and some of the best artisan desserts you will find anywhere. You are going to fall in love with the beautifully landscaped garden patio and the large stone fireplaces to cozy up to during the winter. Since everything is go good, it is an awesome thing that the portions are huge. For entertainment, look for the re-enactors from the revolution and immerse yourself in the time period.

Le Canard Enchaine

276 Fair St, Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 339-2003
  • This is one of those bistros that needs to be on your go to list. The staff and owners have done everything in their power to make sure that this is one of the nicest experiences that you could ever have. The ambiance, the delicious food and the attentive service are second to none. If you are looking for a chance to enjoy fine French fare, this is your chance. We highly recommend the duck pate or the fish with lemon and capers. ANd unlike many establishments, they are very open to feedback so feel free to share your thoughts or order your entree exactly like you want it.


812 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 339-7400
  • The name of the game at this fine establishment is food that is absolutely delicious. If you need gluten free options, no worries, they have them here. The fettucini, chicken and kale ravioli are all absolutely incredible. And this is the place to be if you are having a party of any kind. Let's put it this way, you don't win the number of awards that this place has without being an exceptional venue. The atmosphere is very special and you will want to stay longer than you normally do for dinner. And we have to mention the raw bar, it is a treat in every way.

Deising's Bakery & Restaurant

111 N Front St, Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 338-7505
  • Get ready for an award winning bakery, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop and catering company that can handle any kind of dining issue you may have. The fun all begins with some amazing breakfast food served in a European style setting. Believe us, you don't stay in business for over 50 years without doing something very right. And if you don't want to believe us, believe the hundreds of loyal customers who visit this special venue on a regular basis. And there is one thing that you must do if you know what is good for you, make sure that you save room for some amazing baked goods.

Sushi Makio

1088 Morton Blvd, Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 853-8078
  • Sushi, sushi and more sushi, that is what this place does very well. Every plate served is beautifully crafted and the presentations are true artwork. The seafood that you will find here is out of this world good and a study in perfect seasoning. This is an adventure that you will never forget and that you will wnat to have on a regular basis. The master chef here knows his craft so well and you can be confident that you are in very goods hand indeed. So, we cannot recommend more highly that you get here soon and experience the tastiest fare you will every place into your mouth.

Frank Guido's Little Italy

14 Thomas St, Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 340-1682
  • For the most part, everyone thinks that inspiration is a very good thing and you are going to be very pleased when you visit this establishment and quickly find out that the menu is inspired by dishes that have been enjoyed by generations. This is a very traditional Neapolitan restaurant that will in no way disappoint you. The portions are so large that you are going to be fed for days just in terms of leftovers. The ambiance is very romantic in nature and that means groups, couples or whatever type of group you go with is going to have a tremendous experience. And believe us, the service staff is going to take great care of you.

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