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311 S Franklin St, Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 474-1153
  • When you think amazing pasta, you need to think about this establishment. Whatever you can think of in terms of varieties is available here and there are many that you have probably never heard of. The staff are so courteous and they certainly aim to please. There is also a very fun cocktail menu you will want to check out.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

246 W Willow St, Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 476-4937
  • This is the perfect place for everyone. It doesn't matter what you wear or where you come from, this is a comfortable and relaxing experience and includes some of the best eating you have ever had in your life. You need to keep in mind that it is tremendously popular and for good reason, it has some scrumtious barbecue.

Joey's Classic Italian

6594 Thompson Rd, Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 432-0315
  • We have one major recommendation for you when you visit this fine establishment. Order the stuffed Rigatoni and you will make this a regular stop. The bartenders are very friendly, courteous and attentive. Every bite will go down smoothly and you have some great options between sitting at the bar or in the dining room.

Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub

301 W Fayette St, Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 424-1974
  • Get ready for a unique experience. When is the last time you have experienced a truly authentic Irish pub if ever? Your choices on the menu are going to make you smile from ear to ear. The fish and chips are simply delicious and the Shepard's pir is authentic and tasty as it gets. The atmosphere and customer service is tremendous.

Stella's Diner

110 Wolf St, Syracuse, NY 13208
(315) 425-0353
  • There is no breakfast like the quality of the one they serve up at this location. The pancakes are fluffy and moist, th ebacon is cooked to perfection and to your specifications and the eggs are absolutely astounding in terms of taste and texture. The wait staff will make you feel like you are the only one in the place.

Francesca's Cucina

545 N Salina St, Syracuse, NY 13208
(315) 425-1556
  • The cooking staff here takes great pride in using recipes that have been handed down from generations to generations. Every dish is homemade and will have you in food heaven. And you will never see the bottom of your glass or cup when you are waited on by the professional wait staff that works here. Don't miss it.

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