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Between reserving venues, booking catering services, and wrestling with your florist over the best floral arrangements, the rest of the wedding planning can just seems like such an unfair task to put on someone, and the entertainment often can be the camel that breaks the camels back which drives you to hiring a planner of some sort. Do not worry though, the great city of New York and the surrounding boroughs have a wide swath of entertainment options available to you for your big day. Most couples will choose between hiring a professional disc-jockey or a live band to provide the entertainment for the night. While bands are great at producing a specific atmosphere or ambiance, they sometimes may cost you an arm and a leg. Disc-jockeys, on the other hand, provide clients with a nearly limitless digital music archive, and if a wireless internet connection is present, they will be able to find wedding goers any obscure song they should request with just a click of the mouse and a flick of the wrist! If you are operating under a strict budget, a disc-jockey is the way to go, especially since they can do all the emcee duties that a band leader would do, and just as sufficiently to boot! Here are some tips to guide you on the way to finding the right vinyl-spinning candidate.

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First, you will want to start your search with the recommendations of your friends, family, and colleagues, in particular, anyone who has been recently married, or who might have been involved in a wedding in some form or fashion. You should also ask your venue coordinator if they have any recommendations on disc-jockeys, they may even have a preferred list of vendors which they will politely yet strongly suggest you glean your candidates from. You should also use the internet to search for potential candidates. Online wedding directories will be resourceful as they provide users with general information on pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, and videos! You will be thanking yourself later if you focus on candidates that work weddings exclusively, or primarily, and have oodles and oodles of experience. Experienced professionals are best suited to producing a traditional atmosphere for your wedding.

Your second step once you have gathered a list of candidates is call each one of them up, and determine if they are available for your wedding. If you are corresponding via a production company, it is worth asking if they have a different associate that meets your standards of quality that would be available for the date. In each interview, you will want to ask the candidates plenty of questions, some personal questions, while most will pertain to business, logistics, and costs. Ask them why they became a DJ, what their favorite music is, what is the most challenging wedding they've serviced? Ask them about their equipment and knowledge of it. Ask them about their emcee style, and if it is suitable for your wedding climate. You should click with this person, and mesh well with them. Get their personal contact information if you really like them as your potential disc-jockey.

Once you've compared the costs between each candidate, perhaps with a sample invoice obtained from each source, you can move forward with the disc-jockey that will give you the most boom for your buck. Now that you're ready to choose, write up a contract with the disc-jockey, and have both parties sign. Once you place the deposit, sit back and relax, as you will need to be fully rested for all the jams your disc-jockey will have you dancing the night away to. Keep calm, and enjoy your wedding!

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