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Common Questions

Here are some of our customers' most often asked questions when reserving with us:
  Can we travel outside of the areas listed on your service area page? And will you be able to take my party to areas outside of New York state, such as New Jersey?

Please give us a call to find out about traveling to areas outside of those listed on our service area page. Please know that we try hard to accommodate special requests as often as we possibly can, though there may sometimes be an additional fee for longer trips.

  Do you partner with any companies in New York City for group discounts for your customers? And do you offer any special transportation packages for certain events?

At the time of this writing we have not partnered with any businesses to provide group discounts, but if you call certain restaurants and bars well in advance of your trip, they may be able to arrange a group discount for you. We do offer special transportation packages for certain events such as weddings, including ice, bottled water, just married signs, and more, so just ask when you call!

  I'm on a very limited budget, can I afford a party bus trip?

Absolutely. Just give us a call to discuss the details of your budget, and we'll come up with a travel plan that is affordable for you and impressive for your guests. You'll be surprised just how affordable party bus travel can be, especially with our company.

  Can we enjoy alcoholic beverages on your buses?

Absolutely, as long as all of your guests are 21 years or older. We are unable to provide you with any alcoholic beverages but you are free to bring your own or ask your driver to make a pit stop for you.

  Can we smoke cigarettes while on the bus?

We do not allow smoking on our vehicles, in any form. In order to keep our buses in top condition and in turn keeping your costs low we can not permit smoking to avoid excessive clean up and potential damage.

  Can we bring food on the bus?

Absolutely, we just ask that you take into account you will be on a moving vehicle and certain foods run the risk of creating a mess and leaving stains.

  What happens if our guests cause damage to the vehicle during our trip?

This is all covered in when you finalize your reservation, on the off chance someone causes damage you will be charged for either the excessive cleanup required or the damage caused by your guests.

  Do I need to leave a deposit?

A vehicle can not be held without a deposit being left on a valid credit card. Once you leave the deposit you will then have the vehicle of your choice reserved for you for the date and time you specify.

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