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It's Halloween time again, and if there’s one city that knows how to do Halloween it’s New York. As the streets fill up with little monsters and the high rises open their doors to the creepies, you can have a blast on Halloween. While the candy’s great, (certainly at least some of us become candy thieves on Halloween), the main highlight is getting to dress up for the season. Halloween used to be a holiday for the kids, but not any more. Today, the adults have no problem finding a creepy costume and showing up the party with a different persona. While some love the character costumes (pirates, movie characters, etc.), the real fun is scaring people. And the special effects of today allow you to do this wonderfully.

NYC Haunted Houses

Since not every adult has an easy time dressing up and getting into the spirit, there’s one way sure to shock all of your friends: taking them to a haunted house. Luckily, New York haunted houses are some of the scariest on the planet. Whether it’s a traditional haunted hay ride or a sick, perverse journey though a haunted manor, there’s an attraction to scare anybody.

While New York City proper is home to numerous indoor haunted houses with some of the most realistic props and monster you’ll come across, just a little ways away you can find a truly terrifying experience at an outdoor haunted attraction. Not too far from the city, you can find some great outdoor NYC haunted houses. What better way to get spooked than by realizing that, suddenly, you’ve lost your group, and now you’re out there alone. You’ll hear noises from their excellent actors as they try to ever so gently scare you along the way.

It’s Dangerous Alone!

But no matter which haunted house you visit, you have to bring some troops with you. As you travel through the haunted houses in NYC, you’re going to need some assurance that you made the right choice by going there. One of the best options for visiting a haunted house with a large group of people is by hiring a party bus service. By doing this, you assure you arrive there safely and with all the drinks you need to take off the edge beforehand.

And with a party bus, there’s no need to worry about back seat drivers, DDs or any of the problems that come with bringing along a large group of friends to an event. This way, everyone can travel and arrive together, and best of all, they can do it in style.

Arrive with the Tension Just Right

A mini Halloween party before you get to the haunted house is a great idea. Concoct some creepy cocktails, make some appalling snacks and set the stage for a night of terror with a fog machine and some foreboding music. Most party bus services are great when it comes to decorations, so with just the right amount of creativity, you can nail the atmosphere. How about the “Van of Horrors”? Put up some creepy images on the walls, mess with the lighting and even pop in some disturbing picture slide shows or movies on the DVD player.

The party doesn’t have to end once you leave the haunted house. Schedule a night out on the town afterwards. Make a quick stop back home for the costumes, suit up, and hit NYC on Halloween night in fashion! With a very experienced party bus driver you can make sure you arrive to your NYC haunted houses safely, and you can take advantage of the perfect ambiance a party bus can set.

Terrify yourselves with blood, guts and gore in a uniquely realistic horror experiences in all 5 New York boroughs.

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