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Maggie Spillane's Ale House

571 Gramatan Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10552
(914) 699-8900
  • A visit here is like a visit to a member of your family. And who can argue with a place that serves up delicious food, great drinks and a fun and friendly atmosphere. There are twenty beers on tap to keep you refreshed for as long as you stay. Make sure you look for the drink specials because they usually have something that will save you a pretty good chunk of change. Live sports action is everywhere in case you need to keep up on your favorite game or team. The menu includes some very unique Irish pub entrees and you will have your pick from seafood, steak, pasta and much, much more.

Johnny's Pizzeria

30 W Lincoln Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
(914) 668-1957
  • If you are looking for the best pizza you have ever had, then you need to get to this establishment as quickly as you possibly can. It is a family owned and operated location and what they do is a testament to old world Italian Pizza. Keep in mind that they only accept cash. For those who are specialists, this is the kind of pizza that is extremely thin and crispy and you will find that the cheese goes on first and then the sauce. And because it is thin, you will find that your stomach does not fill up as quickly which means more slices for you. Pizza lovers will not be disappointed.


29 Elm Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
(914) 668-0100
  • Very different than probably anything you have ever had before, this is where you are going to find authentic Portuguese cuisine. Now, if you don't know what that means exactly, you will want to have a discussion with your server and you are going to love the fact that all of the servers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about what you are looking at on the menu. The venue has a relaxed and cozy environment and you are not going to believe how tasty Portuguese food is. Throw in an extensive wine menu and this place is not only a real hit, but it is the place to be.

Joe's Fleetwood Pizzeria

9 Broad St W, Mount Vernon, NY 10552
(914) 664-0045
  • One bite into the pizza they serve up here and you will definitely realize why people say that they have the best crust and the best sauce in the area. You won't have to wait long and it is so tasty. But never fear, if you don't feel like pizza they also have some great entrees like eggplant Parmesan. Or if you are feeling really adventurous, they even have baked clams and believe us, they know how to cook them to perfection. The service staff is so warm and welcoming and they will make sure that you have everything you need.

Ristorante Buona Sera

546 Gramatan Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10552
(914) 665-9800
  • This beautiful venue is right in the heart of it all. This is Tuscan style at its very best and mouth watering specials. You will definitely feel like you are in a neighborhood establishment where it feels like everyone is a friend. The fine Italian cuisine will satisfy a wide variety of appetites. And not only will you have a large selection of entrees to pick from, some of them are vegetarian dishes. Each and every entree is exquisitely prepared and served to you by some of the best service professionals you will ever come into contact with.


151 W Sandford Blvd, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
(914) 664-8961
  • Don't miss this place because many call this establishment the king of jerk steak. It may look like a hole in the wall but we insist that you do not let that scare you off. Everything on the menu is absolutely outstanding. If you are more of an outside eater, they have that option for you. Where else are you going to be able to sample entrees like Curry Goat and Raasta Pasta. You will want to check them out during the happy hour as they usually offer some specials that you will not be be able to refuse. Don't forget to pour over their appetizers as well because they have some unique choices.

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